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Coloco X2 FPGA miner

USD 2399.00        

It is a modern and powerful FPGA-mining device completely created by "Coloco Group". You can mine with any algo that avaliable as a firmware written in VHDL/Verilog. "Coloco-X2" miner is better than Xilinx BCU1525 and others. It is a market leader because it has many powerful advantages. It works at low power, also It has a high quality and 12 month of warranty. These goals are important for our individual customers and corporate investors.
Product details

Algos and Hash-rate

Keccak35 GH/s550W 
0xToken35 GH/s550W 
Lyra2z40 MH/s225WStill under development - Performance expected to increase.

Technical details

Device typeFPGA-miner
Device installationIndependend metal pack, expernal power supply
PSU typePCIe-pwr 2x2 x 6pin, min 650W
PAckingMiner, package
Dimensions, mm & weight345 х 195 х 130 mm, 2.8 kg
Cooling systemActive FAN installed
Heat protectionActive cuircut
FPGA typeXilinx Kintex
Management viaweb-interface
Firmware updateweb-interface, JTAG
External connectorsPCIe-pwr, RG-45, JTAG
PCB count2
total logic cells5869k
total CLB slices917k
total DSP slices15k
total DDR3 RAM, GB0, see Coloco X2m

-Technical specification
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